The Ultimate Guide To Making Delicious Ravioli In An Air Fryer

ravioli air fryer recipe

Are you a fan of delicious, homemade ravioli but dread the thought of spending hours in the kitchen? Well, worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of making mouthwatering ravioli using an air fryer. From selecting the perfect ingredients to achieving the ideal level of crispness, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the fascinating world of ravioli in an air fryer!

Understanding the Science Behind Air Frying Ravioli

Before we delve into the culinary details, it’s essential to understand the unique cooking technology offered by air fryers. These countertop appliances use rapid hot air circulation to create a crispy exterior while maintaining a tender and flavorful interior. By reducing the amount of oil needed for cooking, air fryers are a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying methods.

When it comes to ravioli, air frying helps to achieve that perfect golden-brown crust without compromising on taste. The rapid circulation of hot air allows for even cooking and enhances the texture of the pasta. Now that we’ve covered the science, let’s get into the details of selecting the right ingredients.

Selecting the Perfect Ravioli for Air Frying

The success of your ravioli dish largely depends on the quality of the ingredients you choose. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect ravioli for air frying:

1. Fresh vs. Frozen Ravioli

While making homemade ravioli from scratch is a rewarding endeavor, using store-bought fresh or frozen ravioli is a convenient option when you’re short on time. Fresh ravioli often provides a superior taste and texture, but frozen ravioli can be just as delicious when air fried properly.

2. Consider the Filling

Ravioli comes in a variety of fillings, ranging from classic cheese and spinach to more adventurous choices like lobster or pumpkin. You should select a filling that complements your personal taste preferences and pairs well with the cooking technique. However, keep in mind that certain fillings may require specific cooking times or adjustments to achieve the desired doneness.

With the perfect ravioli selected, it’s time to prepare for the culinary journey ahead! Let’s explore the preparation process and some cleaning tips to ensure a seamless experience.

Preparation and Cleaning Tips for Air Frying Ravioli


1. Preparing the Air Fryer

Before you begin, it’s essential to ensure your air fryer is clean and ready for action. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and preheating your appliance. A clean air fryer guarantees an optimal cooking environment and prevents any unwanted flavors or textures.

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2. Preparing the Ravioli

If using frozen ravioli, allow it to thaw at room temperature for the recommended time stated on the packaging. Pat the ravioli dry with a paper towel to remove excess moisture, which can affect the texture and crispness of the final dish. For fresh ravioli, be sure to follow any preparation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3. Breading the Ravioli

Breading your ravioli before air frying adds an extra layer of crunchiness and flavor. Traditional breading options include breadcrumbs, flour, or a combination of both. For a healthier twist, you can use whole wheat breadcrumbs or a blend of panko and grated Parmesan cheese. To coat the ravioli evenly, set up a breading station with separate bowls for flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Now that your air fryer and ravioli are ready, let’s dive into some tips and variations to enhance your cooking experience!

Tips and Variations for Perfect Ravioli Every Time


1. Experiment with Seasonings

To elevate the flavor profile of your ravioli, experiment with different seasoning combinations. Italian herbs like basil, oregano, and rosemary work wonders, but don’t be afraid to explore other cuisines. Consider adding a pinch of chili flakes for a spicy kick or a sprinkle of dried lemon zest for a refreshing twist.

2. Try Stuffed Ravioli

While traditional flat ravioli works wonderfully in an air fryer, why not give stuffed ravioli a try? Stuffed ravioli offers an explosion of flavors and textures when air-fried to perfection. Fillings like butternut squash, ricotta and spinach, or even shrimp and crab can take your ravioli dish to a whole new level.

3. Don’t Overcrowd the Air Fryer Basket

To achieve that desired crispy exterior, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket. Overcrowding leads to uneven cooking and can result in soggy or undercooked ravioli. Arrange the breaded ravioli in a single layer, leaving enough space for the hot air to circulate evenly.

With these tips and variations in mind, let’s move on to how to determine the doneness of your air-fried ravioli.

Checking for Doneness: The Key to Perfectly Cooked Ravioli

close up view of air fried ravioli

Determining the doneness of ravioli is crucial for achieving a balanced texture. Overcooking can lead to tough and rubbery pasta, while undercooking can leave you with mushy or doughy bites. Here are a few ways to check for doneness:

1. Visual Indicators

Keep an eye on the color of the breading. Air-fried ravioli should develop a beautiful golden-brown crust. Additionally, you can observe how the pasta edges appear. Once they turn crispy and slightly brown, it’s a good indication that your ravioli is perfectly cooked.

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2. Tactile Evaluation

Gently press the air-fried ravioli with a fork or your finger. If it offers a slight resistance and feels firm, it’s a sign that the pasta is cooked through. However, be careful not to over-press and squash the delicate filling.

3. Trial and Error

Don’t be discouraged if your first batch of ravioli isn’t perfect. Every air fryer operates slightly differently, and cooking times may vary depending on the size and thickness of the ravioli. Take notes on cooking times and adjustments you make to achieve the desired results. Patience and practice will soon lead to ravioli perfection!

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cooking air-fried ravioli, let’s move on to the highly anticipated recipe!

Irresistible Air-Fried Ravioli Recipe


  • 1 package of fresh or frozen ravioli (your choice of filling)
  • 1 cup breadcrumbs (seasoned or unseasoned, as per your preference)
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • Optional: grated Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, or other seasonings of your choice
  • Marinara sauce or your favorite dipping sauce, for serving


  1. Preheat your air fryer to 375°F (190°C) for approximately 5 minutes while you prepare the ravioli.

  2. Set up a breading station with three bowls – one for flour, one for beaten eggs, and one for breadcrumbs and seasonings.

  3. Take a piece of ravioli and coat it in flour, shaking off any excess. Dip it into the beaten eggs, ensuring it is fully coated. Finally, roll the ravioli in the breadcrumbs, pressing gently to ensure an even coating. Repeat the process for the remaining ravioli.

  4. Lightly spray or brush the breaded ravioli with a small amount of oil to enhance the crispness.

  5. Place the breaded ravioli in a single layer in the air fryer basket, leaving enough space between each piece for even cooking.

  6. Air fry the ravioli at 375°F (190°C) for approximately 8-10 minutes, flipping once halfway through. Note that cooking times may vary, so observe the color and texture of the ravioli while checking for the desired crispness.

  7. Once the ravioli is golden brown and crispy, carefully remove it from the air fryer using tongs or a spatula. Allow it to cool slightly before serving.

  8. Serve the air-fried ravioli immediately with marinara sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully mastered the art of making delicious ravioli using an air fryer. With these detailed instructions, tips, and variations, you can now confidently venture into the world of air-fried ravioli and impress your family and friends with your culinary prowess. Remember to experiment, personalize, and most importantly, have fun on your ravioli-making journey! Enjoy every crispy, flavorful bite and savor the simplicity and satisfaction an air fryer brings to your kitchen.

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  • FAQS On Ravioli Air Fryer Recipe

    What Is An Air Fryer?

    An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food using hot circulating air instead of oil, making it a healthier alternative to traditional deep-frying methods.

    Can Ravioli Be Cooked In An Air Fryer?

    Yes, ravioli can be cooked in an air fryer. In fact, it is a delicious and easy way to enjoy this Italian pasta dish.

    How Do I Prepare The Ravioli For Air Frying?

    To prepare ravioli for air frying, it is recommended to lightly coat the ravioli in oil and preheat the air fryer to the desired temperature.

    What Temperature Should I Set My Air Fryer To For Cooking Ravioli?

    The recommended temperature for cooking ravioli in an air fryer is between 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    How Long Does It Take To Cook Ravioli In An Air Fryer?

    The cooking time for ravioli in an air fryer can vary depending on the size and temperature of your air fryer, but typically it takes about 10-12 minutes.

    Can I Cook Frozen Ravioli In An Air Fryer?

    Yes, you can cook frozen ravioli in an air fryer. Just make sure to thaw the ravioli before cooking and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

    Can I Use Any Type Of Ravioli For This Recipe?

    Yes, you can use any type of ravioli for this recipe, whether it is homemade, fresh, or frozen. Just make sure to adjust the cooking time accordingly for different types of ravioli.